15 January 2009

LAB 1 : Assigment 1 (15 January 2009)

Exercise 1

1)What did you learn that you did not know?

honestly, this is my first time experience to create a blog. before this, i've already heard about blog, but i dont know how to use it and how to handle it in a correct way with a good guidance. but then, today, on 15 january 2009, i've learn something new in my first computer lab class. i've know what exactly the blog, how to create it, and also how to handle it in a correct way. firstly, from my blog i can sell anything that i've want to sell or share with others. so.from that, the process of my business can more easily. secondly, i also can chatting with other members in my blog about any topic. this is very flexible to use rather than email. beside that, i can add my new friend

2) What type of blog that you find compelling. Group/individual blog?

i've prefer to choose a group blog. this is because..

everyone in the group can opened up with new topic tittle of discussion. i can share new knowledge and latest news that happen around us especially with my SharksMax group,"Guys your sacrifice so meant to me"touching x?..hehe..